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Why Revive Nepal?

Revive Nepal, a specialized employment/recruitment agency based in Nepal, not only seeks and recruits appropriate Nepali personnel in international companies at Middle East and Gulf Countries, but also cooperate with recruitment agency in Australia, UK, India, Thailand and Philippine to provide Asian manpower in western market.

Besides providing all kinds of technicians, professionals or workers (such as skilled and semi-skilled workers, general workers etc.), Revive Nepal, in accordance with the requirements of a specific project, may also form a complete team of workers and specialists who can carry out common or special tasks independently. Owing to our specialized, strict, diligent and responsible working attitude, as well as high effective teamwork spirit, past experience, and the network throughout Asia, Gulf and other regions, we are confident to provide supreme quality services and satisfactory cooperation to our clients.

Stories that changed into reality

It was hard labor and toil in the fate of Mayadevi Sunwar, 36 of Kamalanga VDC of Achham District, which even did not buy her 2 times meals. Her young child of 6 had long been moving on without a single thread of cloth in his body. She had almost given up, with her life. The day came in her life, which not only brought a smile in her face but also a U turning mode too. Prashant, her older son, 21 came into a contact with Revive Nepal to explore about the ample opportunities that his life was yet to see. From that day Prashant did not have to see back. At Revive Nepal we translate your dreams into deeds.

A government official by position, earned name and fame to that his name was taken with due appreciation, Dinesh, 30 was doing well with all except meeting his daily requirements. The life of scarcity he was living had made to stand a mile from happiness and prosperity he always dreamed. A friend of his advised him to opt for the foreign employment and asked him to visit Revive Nepal. After going through series of orientations, he made his mind to give a break to old needful days. Dinesh now is metamorphosed his life and has been hanging on with the fuel department work at UAE. Revive Nepal knows your dreams and frutify those.