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Nepal - Introduction

The bountifulness of Mother Nature bestowed upon Nepal is unparallel. Heaven! If it is in the Earth than it is embraced within every nook and cranny of this country. So 'nations within nation' reminding a breathtaking mosaic can be experienced here. It is not melting pot, which demands the extinguishing of original culture from where one comes but a bowl of salad, where every constituent of it sees world of its own.

Tourism has always been a primary asset of Nepal. Trekking, eco-tourism, biodiversity, abundant flora and fauna — all have attracted tourists from around the globe since long. ‘The more you explore the more you get out of it’ say the experts about Nepal who have experience in forest, wildlife, birds and many other indigenous aspects of our country. One team comprising experts from different fields have come up with an innovative idea to broaden this most-esteemed sector —tourism. 10.4% of Nepal’s foreign exchange reserves come from tourism.

Nepal in short is remembered as:

  • Birth place of Apostle of Peace-Lord Buddha
  • Abode of multitude of Gods and Goddesses
  • Only country practicing Mahayana/Bajrayana Tantrik Buddhism
  • Only country still practising Bonpo - Pre Buddhistic Spiritism
  • Birth place of Janaki (Wife of Lord Rama)
  • A city which has one of the largest concentration of Buddhist Icons & Shrines
  • City of Golden Pagodas & Parasols
  • Melting pot of Hinduism & Buddhism
  • Land of the Living Goddess
  • Country of Non-Stop Festivals
  • Himalayan Pilgrimage
  • The country of as many temples as many houses and as many Gods as many people
  • The country which has more festivals than the days of the year
  • Land of 1047 Lamastic Monasteries
  • Country of Tharus wearing richest tribal jewellery comprising 32 items weighing seven kgs.
  • Anthropological Treasure Land
  • Glory of Asia's Past
  • Shangri- la
  • Land of Brave Gorkhas
  • Ultimate destination of Mysticism and Exoticism
  • Living Cultural Museum of the World
  • As per the size the country possesses one of the world's highest concentration and distribution of bio-diversity
  • Nature's Amphitheatre
  • Land of Yak and Yeti
  • Land of Eight -Thousanders
  • Country of hidden valleys and crystal mountains
  • A country of high mountains consisting of 240 peaks exceeding 6,094 metres
  • Home of biggest 'Honey Bee' (Apis-Labonosa) and largest 'Moth' (Atlas)
  • Africa of Asia and Switzerland of the Orient
  • Only cherry that flowers in winter
  • 91 plants that named after Nepal (Neplence)
  • The highest floral habitat of the world
  • Some of the world's highest village
  • Ecologists' dreamland!